Katharine Jennings Portrait and Wildlife Artist

Welcome to my website! 

A little bit about me - I have nearly 30 years experience in portraiture and other genres, selling my first commission at 15 years old.  

I work from my studio/shop in Rotherfield , East Sussex, surrounded by the beautiful wealden countryside and live in the equally beautiful Ashdown Forest, better know as, Hundred Acre Wood from the Winnie the Pooh books.  I can safely say, having two children and animals of my own, I'm not short of inspiration! 

Drawing portraits has always been a passion of mine and I love trying to show the character and personality of a person or animal in a drawing, that individuality.  Pencils, colour or graphite, are my favourite medium to work in, as they require a great deal of patience and control.    But I equally like letting loose with the oil and palette knife or watercolours. 

I can draw from photos or from life and do all my pictures freehand, which means I don't use any tools like grids or projectors to produce my work.  My years of working in this way means I have a great understanding of human and animal anatomical proportions, which are often referred to by artists as an example of natures perfection.  This means I can also draw other subjects like cars, buildings and still lifes accurately, as well as being able to create a portrait of more than one subject from several photos or life studies and merge them into the same portrait. 

Having drawn several portraits of people and animals, who, for one reason or another cannot be with their loved ones, has brought it home to me how significant a portrait can be.  Thats why I strive to create the very best, top quality portraits for the families I work with.

I am exhibiting my work in several places, including J & K Gallery, Crowborough and am a Professional Associate of the SAA. (Society for All Artists).  I also hold an enhanced DBS certificate, enabling me to impart my knowledge in art to others.  

Art is my passion, I need it, so I am thinking and doing art every single day.