Katharine Jennings Fine Art

Welcome to my website! 

A little bit about me - I have nearly 30 years experience in portraiture and other genres, selling my first commission at 15 years old.  

I work from my studio/shop in Rotherfield , East Sussex, surrounded by the beautiful wealden countryside and live in the equally beautiful High Weald National Park.  I can safely say, having two children, countryside and animals of my own, I'm not short of inspiration!

I could give some convoluted and poetic reason for what I paint and why, but the simple fact is, I paint whatever stirs my soul.  I'm a true impressionist at heart, fascinated with light, movement and colour.  I love showing this with bold brushstrokes and textural paint.  I have done many commissions, hundreds!  I take on each subject like meeting a new friend.  I like to get to know them during the process and I dig deep to find the truth in my subject matter.  I'm an instinctive artist.  I don't pre mix my palette, I have a plan, but I don't strictly follow it.  It's what makes my job so exciting.  I turn up to work, I start and follow whatever path the painting takes me.  

I have work in collections all over the world as well as the uk.  I mainly work in Oils on still lives, landscapes and portraits and I proudly went into partnershop with British Contemporary Art gallery in 2021.  I don't, as a rule, enter art competitions and, as yet, have not even attempted to exhibit in any prestigious exhibitions, but perhaps I will one day.  My work tends to sell before I get any opportunity, although that's usually down to me over posting on social media 😬.  

Teaching art is something I only started doing in the last 4 years and I have discovered how utterly rewarding it is.  I teach courses and workshops to young and old and my studio is always busy.  When I set up my studio in my home town of Rotherfield, it was like coming back home.  I realised how much that community meant to me and it is the community that Puts the heart into what I do.  This is why our door is always open, our ears are always listening and if we can awaken a part of someone with art, we are doing something right.  I believe art can enhance every part of your life, whether you are an adult or a child.  

I can draw and paint from photos or from life and do all my pictures freehand, which means I don't use any tools like grids or projectors to produce my work.  My years of working in this way means I have a great understanding of human and animal anatomical proportions, which are often referred to by artists as an example of natures perfection.  

I am a Professional Associate of the SAA. (Society for All Artists).  I also hold an enhanced DBS certificate, enabling me to impart my knowledge in art to others.