19. Jun, 2015

Art Wars

'I can do anything you can do, better'.  This phrase has no place in the art world.  Art is all about personal taste, that of the artist and the person looking at it.  

Comparing artists is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  You can't compare artists.  The beauty of art is that it is an expression of the artist who created it.  It is a point of view, a personal journey.  Art is individual, just as people are. If it was all the same this world would be very boring.  

Comparing artists is also very dangerous.  It can grow the ego of one to the point of complacency, whilst completely distroying the other and potentially denying the world of any more of their art.  

Instead of saying whether an artist is good or bad, we need to embrace the journey that artist has been on.  Don't compare them to other artists, but compare their work that sits in front of you, to their previous work.  If we do this, we are invited into that artists personal world of development, which makes the art they have produced much more meaningful.  

The worst critic of any art, is the artist themselves and if you have read any of my previous blogs, you will know it is a world of personal scrutiny and torment and had I not had the encouragement of my family (who are all very arty), and friends (some of whom are also arty!), I would not have the confidence to show my work or carry on.  

I read somewhere recently (apologies for my forgetfulness as to the author!), that the critical age for an artist is around 12 years old.  At this age, if a person is told they are no good at art, they will stop and sometimes never pick up a pencil or paintbrush again.  However, if they have encouragement and positive guidance they will carry on.  

There is only one way to become an accomplished artist and that is practice.  The muscles in your hands and minds eye need to be exercised in a particular way in order to develop.  The more you practice, the more you will be able to acheive.  Even if it's a quick 5 minute sketch, it is all practice.  

So, for the art lovers out there, don't compare artists, compare the past and present art of each artist.  

For the artists, just keep going, no matter what people think of your art, just keep practising and then stand back and look at how much you have acheived from when you started.  Take criticism on the chin and be proud of your work!