16. Oct, 2015

What a Year So Far!

I have neglected my blog recently, as the work is flooding in and I'm just about keeping up! 

2015, although not yet over, has so far been a land mark year for my art.  I came to this realisation when updating my artists CV (which is on this website😊).  This year has consisted of 4 published works, 2 solo displays and a competition win, not to mention the ever increasing number of commissions.  

It's only when I look back, that I realise just how hard I've worked as an artist.  It's certainly been a full time job, working long days (and nights!), weekends and holidays.  Through all this hard work, it hasn't felt like a chore at all.  I truly love what I do, even though it takes over my whole familys life sometimes!  

My art station is nothing glamorous, I don't have a studio, I have.....my dining room, on my dining table.  So when I say my family have been affected, they most certainly have.  In fact my dining room is looking more like an art studio than a place to eat!   My husband and children get no sense out of me when I'm emersed in a drawing, although, my husband has enjoyed the sole control of the tv remote when I'm on a night shift 😉.  Radio 2 has benefitted from my long drawing sessions too (I'm getting quite good at pop master now!) 

Not only have I worked, but I've learned alot too.  I've learnt about book illustration and all the technicalities that have to be considered.  It's not just about drawing a nice picture, oh no!  I've learnt more about colour pencil techniques and marketing and most importantly, I've learnt more about myself and my abilities as an artist.  I've come a long way in just 10 months and with that has brought a new found confidence.  This confidence makes me really excited about what I will be doing next year and the work I plan to produce.  

And so, for the remaining weeks leading up to Christmas, I will be catching up on all the commissions I have lined up, so dinner will be served in the living room for the foreseeable future 😉