8. Apr, 2016

24 hour Drawathon in aid of Kit Wilson Trust

I did it!  I stayed awake and drew for a solid 24 hours to raise funds for an amazing charity and awareness for the missing dogs that I drew. 

I got the idea that I wanted to do something about a year ago, but couldn't quite figure out how it would work, so I put it on the back burner until, to my absolute horror, a dog was stolen from someone I knew.  

My family have owned dogs, they were part of the family and when they passed on they left a huge hole in our lives, which is still there to this day.  We know they were happy to the very end and they knew they were loved by the people around them, which, I hope gave them some comfort when they said goodbye.  But, when a dog is stolen from their loved ones, it leaves the family distraught, not knowing if they are safe.  There is nothing the families can do except spread the word and hope their beloved pet is found and brought back to them. 

When Bean went missing, a huge campaign ensued and I found myself feeling helpless and frustrated that this could happen.  I had to do something and then it hit me and the 24 hour drawathon was born.

I have drawn countless dog portraits over the years and therefore know how important they can be to families, particularly where their dog is no longer with them.   I approached Beans owner about the idea and she and her family were over the moon to be asked.  Thankfully only during the next few days, Bean was found and by this time word had spread about the project and more owners of missing dogs came forward to be involved.

Whilst doing the drawathon, I had one moment of complete exhaustion, but it was those dogs and their owners that got me through.  I knew how important it was to them, which was motivation enough.

The other aspect of the drawathon was raising funds for Kit Wilson Trust for animal welfare, www.kitwilsontrust.org.uk.   They rely solely on donations to care for animals that have no families of their own.  Our pets came from Kit Wilson, my sister volunteered there when she was younger and came home with a rabbit.  We have a long history with them and the quality of their care for the animals has never faultered.  

I am pleased to say I managed to raise over £500 for Kit Wilson, which they have told me will go directly to the care of the dogs at the centre.  

It was challenging, it was hell at one point, it was fulfilling, rewarding and made a difference. Awareness for the missing dogs has increased and I hope sincerely that they and all the others currently missing will be reunited withtheir families.  Details of the dogs are on my facebook page www.facebook.com/katjenningsartist and here are some more facebook pages to look at and share to get these dogs home: