1. Jun, 2016

A Day in My Life as an Artist

I haven't stopped lately!  I feel like I've been eating, sleeping, breathing art, so I thought I'd give those of you who are interested a little glimpse into what I do on my ever increasing work days.  

A typical day for me starts at 6am, when I get up to feed all our animals and make the old man a cup of tea.  Once dressed, I sit and go through my emails and facebook messages and answer as many messages as I can.  

Then comes the dreaded school rush, scrambling to get the kids dressed, fed and out of the door in time for school and preschool.  Once they've been dropped off, I usually then have a meeting with some one, be it, the gallery, a new client or a venue for me to exhibit at.  

When meeting is over, its home to 'process' the contents of my earlier meeting and then back to my drawing board, ignoring the piles of washing up by the sink and the lego strewn across the floors (yes, in every room 😞).  I then spend the next few hours working on my latest commission and answering any other enquiries coming in.  Before I know it, it's time to collect the kids, rush home and put the dinner on, which sometimes buys me another hour to work on my commission.  

If I happen to finish the commission, after dinner I take photos of it and email the client for approval and wait nervously for agonising minutes, hours, sometimes days for a reply, which is always a good reply, but its still nerve wracking!  I don't take the commission off the drawing board until I get approval.  If I do get approval, then its the admin again, invoicing, emailing and making sure the books are up to date and accurate.  

When the kids are finally in bed, I can then relax a bit, which is usually around 8pm, but I'm still thinking, researching exhibitions, references for pieces to exhibit and sorting things out or ordering things lkke flyers etc for upcoming events.  I also take that opportunity to keep up with the marketing side, before crashing into bed.   It is a real hurdle to switch off 😵 and before I know it, it's 6am again!  

 Being a full time artist is my favourite job in the world, but it's bloomin' hard work 😃.