1. Nov, 2020

Lockdown Take Two - NOW ITS WAR!

Hi folks, I felt another blog post was needed, as I have lots to say and my husbands ear may fall off if I keep talking to him.  

So, Lockdown 2 is upon us and although I thought I was organised in forewarning my students of what I had planned in this scenario, I was secretly going along thinking (hoping), it wouldn't happen.  For small businesses like mine, this could be potentially devastating. I have learned such a lot since the last one, but it still sits like a huge headache, lingering. 

This lockdown, however, will throw more curve balls my way unfortunately.  For the last 10 years, we've been fortunate enough to live, rent free, in tied accommodation for my husbands job, within the outdoor education industry.  This sector has been the worst hit I would say, and sadly he is now working out his notice for redundancy, one of many who have lost their job.  However, he hasn't just lost his job, but we've lost our home too.  We MUST leave the place my daughter was born by the end of the year and move somewhere else, with little prospect, at this point, of another job to go to. Yep, this lockdown is much more stressful than the last and has, indeed, changed my family's lives forever.  

Losing a job AND a home and with me becoming the sole earner for the foreseeable future, losing any business at all, is just another blow.  This lockdown will see a suspension of private 1-2-1 tuitions with my regular clients, demos to the local art group, who can now no longer meet, and some of my students who regularly attend my classes, but can't face doing them online.  That's a lot of business lost and equates to much more than the rent I pay for my business premises.  Yet, as it stands, given I'm self employed and can't get furlough, Im only entitled to 40% of my average monthly profits to get by for the next 3 months.  Yes, it's better than nothing, but when an employed person can get 80%, per month, this hardly seems fair, given my profits are not huge.  So that "starving artist" cliche, may become a reality soon!  

As I mentioned, I had a contingency plan, which I shared with my regular students last term and I am sooo pleased I planned ahead.  It's thanks to those loyal and supportive, wonderful humans, who have just accepted the change and are coming along for the ride, that will save me and my family this winter.  It's you (you know who you are), that will keep a roof over my children's heads, provide them with food and get them to school.  Yes, a business is not all about profits and  fat cats, this is the reality.  MY CHILDREN WILL BE WARM AND FED.  That's where your money goes, right there and I cannot tell you how grateful my husband and I are for that.  

I, very proudly, take after my mother when running my business.  I WONT let things beat me, I will hang on to the bitter end, I will adapt and I will take care of my family AND 'my loyal customers.  I'm not a cut throat businesswoman who is just out for as much profit as she can get.  I've worked in those environments and it doesn't sit well with me.  I care about people, I want to help people and brighten their day just a little.  That's why I opened the shop, that's why I do what I do, for all of you And I'll go down fighting if I have too.  

Finally, I'd like to say this.....COVID, I'm coming for you, you may think you're strong, but I'm stronger, so don't get comfortable! 

Keep strong all of you.  Let's look after each other.  Xx