29. Jun, 2021

Style over Substance - How to break away from hobbyist and become a professional

'The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke' - Kosinski 


Someone said to me recently 'I guess to be a good artist, you have to have a wide variety of media and styles that you can do'.  I immediately corrected her witb, 'it's quite the contrary actually.  You must be recognisable.  If your art was in a gallery with no name on it, the viewer must immediately know it's one of yours'.  if you don't have a distinctive style, you won't have collectors and therefore you will, forever remain, an unsuccessful professional artist.  


Think of all the greats, Rembrandt, Lowry, Picasso, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Carlo, Turner.  They have one thing in common....they are all different.  They are unique.  How did they get there??  They painted, and painted and painted, then they painted some more.  Between them they produced thousands of artworks, not all of which, ended up on a gallery wall.  Some were  ridiculed and died paupers, but their legacies live on.  

So now, one of the most asked questions among creatives, 'how do you find a style?  there is no magic formula to this.  The simple answer is to keep painting, keep all your work and compare only to your earlier self.  Find a common theme that may run through and go with it.  Push it further and see where you end up.  Get up every day and paint and don't feel guilty about doing this.   Just keep going, as though you were employed by someone.