If you are looking for a quality bespoke portrait, look no further.  All portraits are created with the utmost care, using professional, archival and lightfast materials, on acid free surfaces to ensure they stand the test of time.  

My style is distinctive and unique.  I strive for natural compositions, not forced, to ensure the true character of the subject is expressed in the final piece.  I like to give the appearance of movement, life, not a flat, (em)motionless portrayal.  I therefore urge you to look through my portfolio before deciding whether you wish to commission me, to ensure my work suits your taste.   I don't adjust my style to conform to another artists style.  

The Process:

1. After your initial enquiry, an appointment will be booked in for either a face to face consultation meeting or a telephone/zoom meeting.  This meeting holds no obligation on either party, to commit to the portrait commission.  

2.  At the consultation meeting we will discuss medium, price, whether the subject can attend sittings (if a person), or to go through any reference photos you may have.  We will also discuss background detail/colour, composition and clothing, if a person portrait.  Agreement will need to be reached about the location of any sittings, dates and times.  If all is agreed by both parties, you will be given a contract with terms and conditions, where all the agreed details will be included.  A non-refundable deposit will need to be paid of 33% of the total cost to finalise the booking and you will get an estimate of a completion date.  

3.  During the process of the creation, should I have any queries, I will contact you, either by phone or email.  

4.  I don't offer 'work in progress' photos, however, if you wish to view the work during the creation process, you may make an appointment to view in person or via zoom.  It is important to note, there are various stages to the creative process and a finished look will not be evident during the process.  It will likely bare no resemblance to what the finished piece will look like and can, therefore, be a fairly pointless exercise in keeping track of the portrait, other than to show interest in the artistic process only.  The artwork will go through an evolution, which may only be understood by the artist.  

5.  When the artwork is complete, an email will be sent, with a watermarked photograph for approval.  If you wish to view the artwork in person, please make an appointment.  Of course, whilst government restrictions are in place, this may be necessary to do this via zoom.  

6.  Once your approval is given, an invoice for the remainder of the total cost will be issued for payment.  

7.  If your commission is an oil painting, this will need several weeks to dry, then a process called 'oiling out' occurs to ensure evenness in appearance of the paint.  That takes another couple of weeks to dry.  Your artwork will then be varnished.  Once this is dry, I will contact you to arrange delivery.  Please allow at least 3 months from start to finish.  

It is important that any photo provided is clear to enable me to provide you with a top quality portrait.  If I feel the chosen photo is not clear enough for the purposes of creating an accurate portrait, I will request that another is chosen or perhaps a selection of photos provided to give me a good reference.   Ideally, I will arrange to come and take photos myself also. 

Please note, copyright of the photo reference MUST belong to you or you must provide evidence in writing that express permission has been given by the photographer. 

All prices below are for unframed and unmounted portraits.  However, if you would like a quote including a frame/mount, please let me know.  Any mounts and/or framing, will be provided by J and K Gallery and Framers in Crowborough.  A link to their website is on my 'useful links' page. 

Please see my prices below.

PRICES FROM February 2021

Oil Portraits Price
Suitable for head and shoulders (1 subject) 10 x 14” £280
Suitable for half body portrait or head and shoulders only (1 subject) 12 x 16” canvas £350
Suitable for two subjects, half body portrait 16 x 20” £400
Additional subjects (each) £150
Detailed background £75
20 x 24” £550

Oil commissions must be booked in at least three months in advance. Sittings are preferred, but in the event of a posthumous portrait, references can be used. A minimum of 1.5 hours is required per sitting and more than one sitting may be necessary at the artists studio.

A3 £280
A2 £320
Additional subjects in same portrait £50

These prices do not include postage and packaging charges.

Graphite sketch - currently unavailable
A3 £220
A2 £260
Background £50

These prices do not include framing, postage or packaging