Exhibition Bookjng Form and Terms and Conditions

Exhibiting at Katharine Jennings Fine Art

Here you will find the booking form with Terms and Conditions attached if you wish to hire the walls for an exhibition.  

Gift Vouchers

Terms and Conditions

1  This voucher cannot be redeemed for monetary value.

2  Only 1 A3 colour pencil portrait per voucher of 1 subject, head and shoulders only.  See additional prices for added subjects/backgrounds/full body.

3  Once the voucher is redeemed, it will no longer be valid.

4  The Terms and Conditions relating to commissions also apply, please see attached document above.

5  The vouchers do not have an expiry date.

6  All portraits are unmounted and unframed.

7  When redeeming your voucher, a slot must be booked.