Teen Art Club 12-16 years

Art that’s too cool for School!

If you have a child 12-16 years old, who loves art, this is the perfect club for them.  
We keep our ears to the ground when it comes to art education for our kids and know many secondary school students are frustrated with the lack of choice when it comes to art in school.  Art is being cut from the school curriculum more and more each year, in favour of the academic studies and being an artist, as a career, is now not encouraged in mainstream education.  

At KJFA, we believe that art is essential to a well rounded education.  Not only does it give kids an outlet to express them self in a safe way, it helps mental well-being and stimulates the skill of problem solving and creative thinking.  Without being able to problem solve or think creatively, you can't effectively succeed in academia.  Art encompasses all the academic subjects, including maths (eg.  The golden ratio, proportions, measuring, geometry), science (eg. How light reacts to surfaces, colour theory, laying of paint to remain archival), history (eg art movements that changed the world), geography (art as the beating heart of different cultures, hieroglyphics, communication above speaking language), English (illustration) and more.  Without giving our children proper art education they will live in a future world of no designers, architects, filmmakers, illustrated books.  

In this club concept art and traditional fine art methods merge to make an engaging journey of self discovery and building foundational skills in drawing, observation, self expression and imagination.