Classical Art - Learn to Draw Like the Masters!

Suitable for 17-100+! Beginners Welcome!

Our classical art course is an ongoing course for adults, run in 6 week terms, term time only.  It closely follows the curriculum which has been taught in the art schools of Florence, Italy for centuries, although, in a much more relaxed setting.  Through this course our aims are: 

• To increase your observation and hand eye coordination in drawing 

• To increase skill level in line and shading;

• To increase understanding of value, tone and form. 
• To create realistic artwork 

• To nurture and encourage creativity

• To provide a relaxing, inspiring and social environment, full of encouragement.

Each student works at their own pace.  There is no judgement and groups are kept small to ensure you get adequate personal attention where you need it.  The classes are mixed levels allowing for beginners to feel inspired as to what they can achieve and creating a supportive environment from more experienced students.  

This is the perfect way to meet new friends, feel a sense of belonging and community and learn to draw properly to reach your full potential as an artist, whether hobbyist or professionally.  

The course is initially based on the Bargue teaching method.  Bargue was an artist and art teacher in the late 19th century.  Frustrated with the disparity of skill level in apprentices leaving art school, Charles Bargue created a full drawing course to ensure the level of skill remained high always.  Famous artists like Monet, Degas and Van Gogh learnt by this method.  

The Course is structured, as follows: 


Year 1 - Bargue drawing method 

Year 2 - Drawing from Casts 

Year 3 - introduction to Oil Painting Grisaille 

Year 4 - Oil painting Casts and introduction to colour mixing 

Year 5 - Oil painting Still Life 

Years 6/7 - Portraiture 


You don't have to do the full 7 years.  You can dip in and out, term by term.  

Per six week term 95.00
Per six term year £500.00

Choose from the following sessions:

Monday Evening - 7-9pm - 2 SPACES AVAILABLE!
Tuesday Afternoon - 1-3pm - 1 SPACE AVAILABLE!
Tuesday Evening - 7-9pm - 1 SPACE AVAILABLE!

New session added for November/December 2021 due to demand! - Beginners only - Wednesday 7-9pm - 7 spaces available

All sessions held at Katharine Jennings Fine Art, Church Road, Rotherfield, TN6 3LG